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Fern & Wine

…hosted by Fern & Vine

What is Fern & Wine, you ask? Well, its essentially the excuse you’ve been looking for to drink wine and play with flowers . . . not that you need an excuse to do that!

Gather up your closest girlfriends (or guyfriends - because real men arrange flowers too), and be prepared to learn how to create a beautiful floral design to keep and enjoy! Whether its a centerpiece, bouquet, flower crown, or something else, Fern & Vine is ready to guide you to create your next masterpiece!

You provide the venue and wine, and Fern & Vine provides the rest - containers, supplies, florals, and most of all - FUN!!

Perfect for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, ladies lunch, Mother’s Day, upcoming holiday, the list goes on and on!

Ready to book your group flower class? Pricing starts at $50 pp. Send us an email to customize your experience: