Hello my fellow flower lovers!  My name is Lauren Gibney, and I am the owner and designer of Fern & Vine! 

Since a young girl, I have been enamored with all things flowers and weddings.  They have been my forever passion, and it is an absolute dream to have the opportunity to bring your special event to life!

With Fern & Vine, I can guarantee you will receive a personalized experience!  Having a background in psychology, fine art, and interior design has given me a unique skillset that blends perfectly with event florals.

I pride myself on obsessing about every detail and asking the right questions, so your vision ends up being everything you could have hoped for and more!  It is my goal to make sure your event is as stress free, seamless, and spectacular as possible! 

So, if that all sounds good to you, go on and head over to our "connect" page, and send us a message!  Whether it be a wedding, gala, shower, or something else extraordinary, we can't wait to get started floralizing your next event!